“I use the work provide by Julio Gonçalves in Alstom, as manager of IT services for end users. I have excellent impression from work development by Julio’s team. Julio in all direct contact that I a have with him to solve problems or I have asked by your support, he have demonstrated very interested about all aspects involved , works actively to solve the problem or to deliver a complete information and assure that your intervention was enough to solve the question. Besides, I perceived that he is a centered in get the results, who cares about our colleges and how they develop themselves. Certainly one of the best professionals I have ever worked with.”

Evandro Luiz de Oliveira
Evandro Luiz de Oliveira Programação da Produção na ALSTOM

"I have two experiences with Julio, first as a teacher during my college course as another colleague at work at Alstom.
In college Julio differed from other teachers for their great goodwill and excitement in teaching and sharing his techniques and knowledge taught in the areas that they showed their dedication to knowledge and to the preparation of professionals.
Julio at Alstom is a major technical support that we have towards finding solutions, understanding of priorities, communication, participation, development of new techniques and technologies, besides being a great mentor and a professional mediator in conflicts.”

Rodrigo Saad Rodrigues
Rodrigo Saad Rodrigues Supervisor de Logística na OneSubsea

“Julio is a very dedicated professional excellent, especially in his teaching activities. He had contributed effectively in the first scientific research in which I participated. Thanks to his enthusiasm that our research turned into a publication in an international conference.”

Dimas Campos de Aguiar
Dimas Campos de Aguiar Quality Engineering Coordinator at Iochpe Maxion S/A

“It was a pleasure to work with Julio, he is a fantastic human being, very experienced IT administrator. During the time that we work together, all issues were smoothly solved due his capacity of negociation.”

Emanuel Paiva
Emanuel Paiva Information Systems Manager Brazil for Hydro and Wind Business at ALSTOM

“I had the opportunity to work with Julio Gonçalves at Alstom Hydro. He is a very dedicated person, able to deal with hard issues with emotional intelligence and focus.”

Denis Leite
Denis Leite CFO for Latin America at Somfy

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